Evolution of a platform


Refocus a product while introducing a more refined visual language. A delicate process that requires a lot of research and many hours of brainstorming with product and business, but is totally worth it as gives everyone the possibility to explore new evolutionary possibilities.

Antlos is one of those lifestyle startups that wants to become the Airbnb of the sea. Offering boat owners and brokers the ability to monetise their yachts by renting them directly to consumers in a P2P fashion. Its something a lot more complicated than it seems, as usual. Many companies are competing in this space, and each is using a slightly different recipe. Business model, packaging, price structure, type and flexibility of the offer. Some of the biggest players are focusing on simple rental, but the margins are relatively low, and the experience itself is emotionally flat. Antlos wants to sell experiences, future memorise, not just rent boats.

The result of this realisation is condensed in a set of interactive prototypes and concept designs. A new vision built around the simple idea of slotted charter cruise vacations (with Skipper) preferably offering all inclusive pricing and a general itinerary. Each listing a new experience that can be tailored to the customer by involving the skipper in the communication early on. Extras are also available, while ideas of preset packages is in the works.

A new visual design was also required. Something not entirely new, but rather an evolution of the existing one. The objective was to convey a more premium feel, a sense of professional simplicity, effortless refinement.

Design process

Antlos works in Agile. The final product required several iterations, exploring a couple of different directions. Once the vision was finally clear, and the visual design approved, we decided to produce an entire flow in InVision to show to potential investors,
As usual, a great experience. I hope they get to build it.

Role and Team (design team)

Alessandro Filippi Senior Design Advisor
Michelangelo Ravagnan CEO
Marco Signori CPO
Nicola Peduzzi CTO
and many others…


Illustrator CC


Responsive webdesigns
Invision prototypes

A total of 12 major iterations. On top of the ‘vision’ piece, a large amount of changes, updates and fixes to the current were also designed and delivered


Antlos website
Here you can see the current design.