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A project that consisted in creating a social network in order to allow a company to better keep in touch with their clients and partners and also exspand their business. Continue reading


Orange Labs UK

Apply true innovation in the corporate world is not so much a design challenge as much a political one. However, when a well designed product finally gains traction, its truly wonderful to see the impact it has on everyone involved, … Continue reading



Understanding the vision of a CEO. Embed it into a product roadmap. Balancing the possible and the ideal. Map all the dependences. Creative ownership. Has been the most rewarding experience in my career yet. Between December 2012 and September 2013 … Continue reading


West coast USA

An amazing trip on the road with a Ford Mustang GT featuring a massive 5.0 liter V8 under the hood is perhaps the most engaging way to experience the mighty landscapes of California, Arizona and Utah. Finally I had the … Continue reading


PDD Consulting

Working closely with a PhD anthropologist and two expert design researchers to analyse and visualise insightful data for a well known mobile phones and consumer electronics brand. PDD asked me to assist and provide insights from the UX point of … Continue reading


Interactionalex 3.0

Improving visuals and accessibility while keeping it compatible with existing content, with a reactive design and a more extensive social integration strategy. The third iteration on my portfolio website took approximately one month to complete, from the initial sketches to … Continue reading


Mohcare Inc.

Helping a brilliant entrepreneur to visualise and pitch a concept is a huge responsibility, but also a great opportunity to grow professionally. Mohcare Inc. is a startup founded by Krishnan Iyer, which is also CEO of Expera LLC, an IT … Continue reading



Working with the most talented people on the biggest clients for the most respected firms is the best way to grow as a professional. Working with the most talented people on the biggest clients for the most respected firms, as … Continue reading


Farmacia Patelli

This is a design I made for a new website for a local pharmacy, together with the identity. The website includes various types of contents, from the offered services to general posts, to video posts hosted on Youtube, together with Google Analytics, maps, and a contact form. The CMS used is Wordpress for easy maintenance and updating. Continue reading


Interactionalex 2.0

The current version of my portfolio website has moved finally to a more standard platform. Easy to update, easy to maintain and to expand. Welcome to my new CSS 3.0 / HTML 5 / Wordpress 3 website, designed in 1 week and developed my good friend Nicola Peduzzi. Continue reading