Farmacia Patelli

A modern website for a pharmacy


A short project for a local business: how to create a good platform for a small business website in 6 weeks, including Facebook integration and YouTube gallery.

This is a quite comprehensive project, that goes from the definition of the business identity, to business advisory, design of the website itself, development, deployment and also providing support for the production of some of the contents (videos and such) that the client wants to put in there as part of his vision about a modern way to look at the pharmacy UX.
The client wanted modern looks, with cutting edge web technology and language, using HTML5, jQuery, and a bit of Metro Style taste to it. At the same time it had to be very easy to maintain and update, therefore based on one of the most supported and user friendly CMS available: WordPress.
The website focuses on contents, as every site should be. There are 3 types of contents supported by the site: focus posts (“approfondimenti”), events and deals (“eventi & promo”), and video posts. Each of those point to a specific section of the website, but at the same time the most buy CBD products are reported in the home page.

In the end, with the help of some good stock photo for the headers, I think I nailed a quite clean layout, fully compatible with mobile devices and based on Segoe UI (normal and thin) as every Metro inspired design should. The website is in italian only.

Design notes

Using WordPress has the huge advantage of enabling the developer to use the plug-ins that are available for it, so that iFrames for enabling youtube intragration into iOS devices, creating forms, supporting maps, mailing lists, or integrating Google Analytics becomes just a matter of few clicks. So from the design stand point all I had to do is to divide the right-bar tools into modular widgets and create the design to be compatible with existing plug-ins and the overall content management structure used by WordPress, so that the developer had only to code some php and jQuery elements for the dynamic pages and the sylesheet for the theme. Good stuff.

Role and Team

Alessandro Filippi (UX Design, Visual Design)
Nicola Peduzzi (Developer)


Photoshop Extended CS5.5
Illustrator CS5.5


Web (touch friendly)


The current website has been updated to a newer version, the old version is no more available.