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Working with the most talented people on the
biggest clients for the most respected firms is the
best way to grow as a professional.

Working with the most talented people on the biggest clients for the most respected firms, as I always say, is the best way to improve your skills, no matter what is your starting level.

This is why I think this was such a great opportunity, even if quite limited in time. This contract gave me the chance to work in one of the most respected design & web agencies in Milan and worldwide on very high budget projects.

Very tight deadlines and insanely high quality deliverables made this one of the most demanding jobs I’ve put myself through so far. Parhaps even more demanding than the internship at Artefact.

This time around – thankfully – I did not ended up doing much flash prototyping at all, instead, I was hired as a legit Interaction and Visual Designer which is something I enjoyed immensely.

Basically I finally got to do what I like the most, focusing on my main skills instead of one of my secondary.

Working with several crazy-good professionals, like Chiara Diana (Associate Creative Director), Oskar Göransson (senior visual designer), Laura Licari (senior visual designer) and Antonio De Pasquale (interaction designer II), Pedro Magalhães (interaction designer), plus many others, I had the opportunity to improve greatly my proficiency in wire-framing, visual design and assets production for multiple platforms, working seamlessly with Ai, Ps and Omnigraffle. Such a great team… I already miss them all.

Design notes

My main occupation was to support and extend the fine job of the visual and interaction designer involved in a set of projects part of a huge multiplatform ecosistem for a very big client, which included a web portal with mobile version plus tablet and smartphone native apps for different OS. Wireframing in Omnigraffle, visual design and visual design extension in Illustrator and Photoshop, plus pixel perfect assets production for deployment were my main responsibilities across multiple projects during my 3 months stay at Frog.

Role and Team

Alessandro Filippi (UX Design)
Chiara Diana (Associate Creative Director) Oskar Göransson (Senior Visual Designer)
Laura Licari (Senior Visual Designer)
Pedro Magalhães (UX Design Intern)
Antonio De Pasquale (UX Design lvl II)
Many others


Photoshop Extended CS5.5
Illustrator CS5.5


Web mobile
iOS (iPhone +retina, iPad +retina)


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