GreenFit 1.0

Cloud-based energy monitoring


A new approach to energy metering featuring social and game mechanics using the cloud. When low cost tablets was not yet available.

This first iteration of GreenFit achieved third place at the Samsung Young Design Awards in 2008. It was designed to raise awareness about sustainability through social media hooks and game mechanics, and to facilitate a transition to a more conscientious lifestyle for individuals, and communities as a whole. Greenfit is what is called a “Smartmeter” for domestic energy consumption. It helps the user to keep track of energy consumption and related expenses, features a “strategy system”, that enables the user to set maximum continuous consumption limits for each hour of the day, for every day of the week.

The concept behind the design of this object is that dedicated software applications don’t necessarily need to be bound to a desktop computer anymore.

At the beginning of the mobile computing revolution, GreenFit wanted to offer what I call an “hardware-widget”, a cloud based service, independent from a computer, that runs the interface locally and pushes the contents from the internet (a cloud based service).

Design notes

The system had to be relatively cheap, but still cool to look at and to use. The information had to be clear, and easy to read, while enabling the user to share information with other users within the community (email and blog based). It also featured a basic point system to reward the user (also “player”) for saving energy.
Back in June 2008 tablet devices were a small niche, and all of them used fully featured desktop operating systems (linux or Windows). My idea was to offer the system into a new kind of device that had to be relatively inexpensive but still easy to use. The digital internet photo frames offered exactly that: a hardware front-end for a cloud based database that is focused on doing only one thing. The device itself had only to run the interface, just like a widget (today an app), only in hardware form.

Role and Team

Alessandro Filippi (UX Design, Rendering)
Giulio Pellizzon (UX Design, Modeling)


Photoshop Extended CS4
Illustrator CS4


Digital Photoframe


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