UX designer internship


One of the best digital and product design agencies out there, packed with incredible talents in one of the most exciting markets.

Even if I cannot really talk about the details of any of the projects I’ve been involved in during my 6 months internship at Artefact, I can certailny say that I’ve been working on
many: mobile apps, UX visions for well know, productivity software packages, business services, from medical UIs to concept visualization.

I spent most of the time working as concept developer and UX designer, a task accomplished by developing very fast but fully interactive prototypes in Flash in order to continuously validate the work of the visual design team and communicate more effectively to the client visions and concepts.

I learned so much from that agency environment. In the USA they know how do really push the boundaries of technology and take advantage of the latest technology. The west coast is a truly wonderful place to live and work, for the most part.

Design notes

The most interesting part of this experience was the constant challenge offered by the very high quality standards required and the great variety of project typologies.

Role and Team

Alessandro Filippi (UX Design)
Gavin Kelly (Co-Founder Principal)
Rob Girling (Co-founder Principal)
Kevin Wong (Senior Senior User Researcher)
Martin Van Tillburg (Associate Art Director)
Tucker Spufford (UX Designer)
Rowland Brown (UX Design)
Sam Baker (Creative Developer)
Ken Fry (Senior Designer)
Olen ronning (Senior UX Design)
Dave Mc Colgin (Senior User Researcher)
Verena Hurnaus (Designer)
Johanna Shoemaker (Industrial Design)
Gabriel Biller (Research and Strategy)
Many others


Photoshop Extended CS5, Illustrator CS5, Flash Professional CS5 (AS2, AS3), PowerPoint


Web mobile
iOS (iPhone, iPad)



Here is the official website of the company:

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