Interactionalex 3.0

My third portfolio website


Improving visuals and accessibility while keeping it compatible with existing content, with a reactive design and a more extensive social integration strategy.

The third iteration on my portfolio website took approximately one month to complete, from the initial sketches to the final version. The new design features a completely revised new visual with a new font, a new grid (now fully reactive), better integration with social networks (for sharing and rating) and fully intertwined with a Facebook. Now you can peek into my Twitter account, Pinterest and Foursquare which I use to collect only the cool stuff I came across and not – like some – just everything. The project page is easier to read, with more information. i think it’s a huge improvements over the 2.0 version.

Still, this is an open project, so if you think there is something wrong with the design, feel free to contact me with your comments. It’s always appreciated.

Design notes

Based on the Foundation Framework by Zurb, the reactive layout changes according to the available resolution and type of device, while preserving text readability. There’s no mobile version of this website, it just adapts automatically to the smaller size of the screen. Just try resizing the browser window to see what happens! Its not a new trend in webdesign, and has its cons, but I think it’s really convenient when you are on a budget.

Role and Team

Alessandro Filippi (UX Design, Visual Design)
Nicola Peduzzi (Developer)


Photoshop Extended CS5
Illustrator CS5


Web mobile


It’s the site you are currently looking at: