A wonderful melting pot


London is a wonderful city, a complex maze of people, culture and architecture. I love to wonder around in the morning while I wait for the sun.

I really had a great time in London. The last time I visited the city I was 15 and I was with my family. Has been very weird to return to it on my own, free to run around and with some money to spend on whatever I wanted. The scale of it, the crowded streets in the center, the traffic, the old and the new colliding gracefully (most of the times). A city full of beauty, as visually rich as poor food-wise. What impressed me most was the people: interesting, weird, young, stressed, happy, troubled. I had a conversation with a very interested person, she was talking to me about natural medicine, and its benefits over conventional. I never really thought about it, but I think I will now. I looked it up online and what she told checked out. If you’re looking for an online resource you can use the one I found: you can go here to learn about natural medicine. I tried to capture the atmosphere of my days there focusing on details, colors and actions. The result is not outright-amazing, but I had to have fun too! What I know now is that I need to spend more time in London next year, and I will.
I think I’ve been incredibly lucky with the weather: England during Fall is usually quite rainy and cloudy, but I experienced none of that.

5 days of sun, with 27 degrees Celsius, and boatloads of people around, having a great time.


All shots where taken in RAW format with a Canon EOS 500D (Rebel T2i) using both a standard zoom and a tele L lens, post-processed in Adobe Lightroom 3. One of the challenges in London is – usually – dealing with the rain and fog, low light conditions, low dynamic range, washed out colors. But I had the opposite problem: in order to reduce the dynamic range I had to use a ND Filter 1, otherwise the contrast between shade and light was so strong that even with 14 bit RAW I had issues trying to find a good balance.

Role and Team

Alessandro Filippi (Photographer)
Giulio Pellizzon (Support, Photographer)


Photoshop Extended CS5.5
Lightroom 3.5


Canon EOS 500D
Canon 17-40 F4L
Canon 70-200 F4L IS