A thesis management system


An app to manage your projects in a multidisciplinary environment, within an hypothetical future scenario.

Set in an hypothetical future scenario, where the city of Venice has been progressively converted into a huge university campus, the goal of our application was to enable thesis students, to successfully finish their gradation projects using all the assets that the campus has to offer. Every thesis student is the captain of a project boat, that can move and dock around the city to the various faculties and labs according to the schedule and the people that will be collaborating with the captain. Everything had to be managed through a mobile application, from the recruitment of collaborators (featuring a feedback and credits system) to the schedule management and city navigation. Often in interaction and interface design we use metaphors in order to come up with an effective language for our user interface, well in this project we actually extended the metaphor to the real world.

Projects as boats navigating the assets according to a schedule, project managers as captains and collaborators and contractors as crew members.

Design notes

While the scenario might not look realistic at all, the problems that this application tries to address are very much so. Applying the interaction design method, based on personas and several design loops focused on problem solving, works no matter what. Many application seem very different one from each other but underneath many of them are conceptually very similar and all comes down to the strategy you implement to make the better use of the existing dynamic databases of assets and customers, offer and demand.

Role and Team

Alessandro Filippi (UX Design, Visual Design)
Antonio Altomare (UX Design, Presentation)
Roberto Picerno (UX, Prototyping, Concept)


Photoshop Extended CS4
Illustrator CS4


iOS (iPhone)


The details about the project are hosted on Interaction Venice IUAV Blog, in english:

Project blog