Mohcare Inc.

UX Consultacy for Heathcare


Helping a brilliant entrepreneur to visualise and pitch a concept is a huge responsibility, but also a great opportunity to grow professionally.

Mohcare Inc. is a startup founded by Krishnan Iyer, which is also CEO of Expera LLC, an IT consulting company based in Seattle, USA. Krishnan is a very talented businessman, with a huge experience in the IT.

I was contacted directly by him because of some good reference I got from my days with Artefact back in 2010-11, to help him out visualising and prototyping a new application in the general field of customer care in healthcare to see what could be the potential of an integrated mobile approach to that vertical with heavy use of tracking and ‘big data’. Without being too specific, I can say that has been really a great experience for me. Krishnan provided me with all the business flows and user stories I needed and we worked very closely in order to produce a great software solution that is valuable and unique. We came up with an innovative approach that takes advantage of modern technologies and UX paradigms, with a cross platform approach and particular attention to the opportunities offered by the relatively new Windows 8 RP/Windows Mobile 7/8/ ecosystems, that included both a customer and a corporate component.

Sure enough I got to understand and design a digital solution to be deployed in the american healthcare market, which has all the complications of the European market, plus all the additional mumbo jumbo added from the super heavy presence of private clinics and insurance companies. While the system appears to be very complicated, ultimately is driven by the same mechanics of other kind of fragmented markets, like for example retail. It is actually extremely exciting to design for because of the potential benefits offered by big data in terms of synergies and integration for everyone involved. Something equivalent to what Amazon did for retail can indeed be done for healthcare, but with way higher revenues and overall value to the customers.

Design notes

The initial scope was to integrate a Windows 8 app (metro/modern UI) with and iOS app, working in the mobile and tablet space to be integrated with a future web app/cloud based infrastructure, which is pretty standard as a follow up for this sort of scenarios. The challenge was to define a viable strategy that would allow a progressive deployment of the service in a modular fashion, so that the required upfront investment was as low as possible, which is the way to go in my opinion. Is not recommended to go big right at the start, as the product need some time to be tuned with fast iterations after shipping in order to be ready for prime time. finally, when the product is mature enough, and you have some sort of evidence that is ready for prime-time you can always involve a VP later on to scale up quickly.

Role and Team (design team)

Krishnan Iyer (CEO and Visionary)
Alessandro Filippi (UX Consultant)


Photoshop Extended CS6
Illustrator CS6
Flash Professional


Photoshop visual concepts
Windows 8 Metro/Modern UI/iOS Flash prototypes to outline key festures