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Futurism installation


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The brief was to design a temporary exhibit installation inside a space called Me.La., the Multimedia Lab at the IUAV University in Venice, Italy. With this design we wanted to create an experience about the Futurism, and particularly about Giacomo Balla one of its most known exponents. We used elements of his paintings to model part of the geometrical elements inside the room, trying to represent the dynamic drama and visual representation of time through chrono-photograpy that are such an important part of his art.
We used many existing elements of the space, and added on that by extending the architectural lines, bending them, and building new transparent layers on to them.

Projects as boats navigating the assets according to a schedule, project managers as captains and collaborators and contractors as crew members.

Design notes

An interesting challenge for someone who is mainly an interaction designer. The biggest challenge was the texture work, one for each of the 5 to 8 channels required for every surface. The structure was modeled entirely using mesh in 3D Studio Max, rendered in V-Ray with global illumination, illuminating materials and projected lights.

Role and Team

Alessandro Filippi (UX Design, Visual Design)
Alberto Granaiola (UX Design, Presentation)
Luca Boscardin (UX, Prototyping, Concept)


Photoshop Extended CS4
Illustrator CS4


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The details about the project are hosted on Interaction Venice IUAV Blog, in english:

Project blog

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