Modern Murano lamp


A contest about glass, light and the promotion of a brand. A modern interpretation of a classic theme: Venice and the lagoon, in a lamp.

The concept behind this design originates from an image where lots of meanings weave together to represent metaphorically a shape that can accompany us in the everyday life. The shape of a basin of water and light, in the reflections of the glass, whether as a vase or as a goblet, which are archetypes of the handmade glass tradition of Murano. The volumes of the lamp take us back to the shapes of the Venice’s lagoon, with its three entrances, ways of communication between the inside and the outside. The cyan color of the LED, the blue color of the front glass, mixed with the yellow of the backside glass, projects in the room the warm nuance of the sun at dawn, when its light illuminates the sand beneath the water colored in infinite tones of green.

In this project we considered the possibility to independently switch on and off all of the lights in the lamp. In particular, for the backside lights, we considered the installation of dimmer circuit to decide the intensity of the light emission. The materials used in the lamp are respectively satinated glass for the front and backside panels and satinated aluminum for the internal structure. In our project, to underline the handcraft tradition and the concept of “unique piece” we considered the possibility to realize limited editions, to be personalized in the front panel by different glass masters (maintaining the same shape).
The final prototype has been build by the famous A.V. Mazzega, in Murano, Venice.

Role and Team

Alessandro Filippi (Design, Rendering)
Marco Signori (Design, Sketches)


Photoshop Extended CS4
Illustrator CS4
InDesign CS4
3D Studio Max + Final Render



You can take a look at the contest website: