App for Erasmus students


An application for Erasmus students that features social mechanics and manage to link people and resources using the spoken language as a social mapping system.

“Piscator” is a social software which brings together students in Venice who are living, or have lived, the Erasmus experience. It is an interactive system, accessed by mobile phone, to help people who have at least one language in common to meet each and create new relationships.
Users are new Erasmus and ex-Erasmus students studying in Venice. Their educational level is a high school diploma or an undergraduate degree. The linguistic competence they are supposed to have is the mother tongue and usually at least one other language. Their feeling towards new media is quite enthusiastic, counterbalanced by a background awareness.


Find other Erasmus students in Venice living the same experience

Send friendship invitations in a playful way

Manage your availability

Meet the right people in order to do better organize your life abroad

Create an Erasmus contact map based on spoken languages

Design notes

Piscator is an interesting implementation of various social mechanics. During the user research we realized that the Erasmus (students exchange program for universities) is a great experience but people that do it for the first time usually have a hard time finding a suitable accommodation and integrating with the existing community. Our goal was basically to speed up the social integration by offering a “fish view” of the social landscape. The fishes are other Erasmus students or local students that are supposed to facilitate the integration of newcomers. Every individual at first has generic a fish avatar, that displays his experience (extension of its local social network), his role (local student, Erasmus student), and his state (available, not available and such).
In the design of Piscator the social network is set up by handshaking with other students using a “fishing” mechanic, but the best candidates, the one you should meet first are the one that speak at least one of the languages you speak too, a data point that is publicly available for everyone.

Role and Team

Alessandro Filippi (UX Design)
Marco Righetto (UX Design, Presentation)
Aurora Biancardi (UX Design, Visual Design)


Photoshop Extended CS4
Illustrator CS4
Flash Professional CS4 (AS2)


iOS (iPhone)



The details about the project are hosted on Interaction Venice IUAV Blog, in english:

Project blog