Photorealistic rendering


Visualizing how an apartment will look like while looking at the photos from the construction site. This is what this contract was all about.

Here I present two high resolution rendering I made for a real estate agency, to showcase how would look like an apartment currently under construction. I started from the photos of the building site, then I’ve been given the architect designs and the specifications about the style and furniture they wanted in there.

3D Rendering is a fascinating thing to do if you manage to get past the initial drama represented by the relative complexity of the tools involved in the process.

I do renderings for fun, because I like to do them, messing with lighting and materials just like I do as a photographer. In this particular piece I created the room, the textures and the lighting according to the client specs.

Design notes

Both rendering are 3500 x 2500 pixels, realized using 3D Studio Max and V-Ray 1.5, with global illumination with primary and secondary bounces enabled.

Role and Team

Alessandro Filippi (3D Modeling, Rendering>


Photoshop Extended CS4
3D Studio Max + Vray