PDD Consulting

Marketing Research for Mobile


Working closely with a PhD anthropologist and two expert design researchers to analyse and visualise insightful data for a well known mobile phones and consumer electronics brand.

PDD asked me to assist and provide insights from the UX point of view as an expert in mobile software design within market and user research project for a well known mobile and consumer electronics brand. My direct responsibly was to provide insights about the different mobile platforms – from the UX stand point – while collaborating to the data analysis process and visualisation. Finally, I was heavily involved into the production of the final presentation deck for the client, using my visual design skills to help organise the contents and define the layouts of key slides featuring the most relevant parts of the results of the research.

I worked closely with the team, mostly on-site, to make sure that the final deliverable was of the highest standards, and participated into the main marketing and product design workshop with the client which took place here in London.

Design notes

It is always a great experience to work with talented and experience professionals on projects that heavily rely on the process rather than pure creativity. I learned a lot, and I believe that my skills ad UX designer proven to be extremely useful, especially during the data analysis and presentation.

Role and Team

Alessandro Filippi (UX Design, Visual Design)
James Steiner (Senior Design Researcher)
Heather McQuaid (Principal Human-Centered Design)
Nazima Kadir (PhD, Ethnographic Researcher)


Photoshop Extended CS6
Illustrator CS6


2 Powerpoint presentations, 2 PDFs


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