Foldable smartpad


A concept for a rugged but stylish smartphone that can double as a tablet, featuring a foldable 8” OLED display. Samsung Young Design Awards 2007 Finalist.

V-Age is a vision for a new format of smartphone, inspired by the just introduced iPhone back in 2007. The idea behind its peculiar flexible screen design was to leverage the oled flexible screen technology to pack into one device both the UX of a smartphone and a tablet. At first the interface was very minimal, as we focused mainly on the object itself, that, in some ways, has been inspired by the famous Agenda Moleskine®, then we opted for a richer, more detailed UI, while keeping the same base colors: black and orange.

Various other paired hardware and interface colors and phone finishes where considered in the design. V-Age was finalist at the Samsung Young Design Awards 2007.

Design notes

Foldable screens can fold up to a certain radius, on average about 1cm: the major design highlight here is the particular plastic junction that allows the phone to fold while preventing the screen to bend to the point of breaking.

Role and Team

Alessandro Filippi (UX, Visual, Rendering)
Giulio Pellizzon (Modeling, Design)


Photoshop Extended CS4
Illustrator CS4
3D Studio Max + Vray