Venice inland

Wondering around with a camera


Many know the city Venice, not many what’s around it. Maybe because it’s not all that interesting… or is it? I took the time to find out exploring the countryside of the city where I was born.

During 2011, fresh graduated, I managed to wonder around quite a bit in the Venice inland. I always take with me my reflex. Between July 2011 and October 2011 I collected about 2500 shots of Jesolo, Marghera, Treviso and other major and minor towns in the Venetian inland. Strangely enough, Venice’s inland is the exact opposite of what the famous city is: its a very urbanized area – mostly build in the ’50 – which packs a quite dreadful mix of rich small towns, wonderful nature surrounding the lagoon and decaying industrial zones with poor suburban areas with tall buildings that look like old cardboard boxes. An industrial port is serving the huge chemical plant which is the main attraction to the south, together with its network of railways and container piles. The atmosphere is strange, almost awkward, sometimes peaceful sometimes romantic.
Industrial zones near the sea has always been very interesting to me, especially the abandoned ones, and are great to explore with a camera. Just remember to bring someone with you in case of strange encounters with the locals.

It took me several weeks to go through all the shots I made, and most of them was really boring, but some of them are quite interesting.
I decided to share some of them with you here.


All shots where taken in RAW format with a Canon EOS 500D (Rebel T2i) using both a standard zoom and a tele L lens, post-processed in Adobe Lightroom 3. Dealing with the industrial zones is quite tricky. Sometimes you feel like all that matters is small details, sometimes you feel like focusing more on scale. In environments like this, the sharpness of the lenses is crucial, and also the speed of the lens. In fact, I found myself quite often in the need to take a shot right away, capturing instant action, in difficult light conditions just like when I do proper street photography.

Role and Team

Alessandro Filippi (Photographer)
Anna Pistellato (Model, Photographer)


Photoshop Extended CS5.5
Lightroom 3.5


Canon EOS 500D
Canon 17-40 F4L
Canon 70-200 F4L IS